Matt Michel

In 1991, Frank Monteiro had a vision: to create a design engineering firm that is an expert in mobile equipment system design while being nimble and responsive to all customer requests. 

In 2014, Matthew Michel took the reins as 2nd generation owner that clearly understands the necessity of delivering value for customers’ businesses.

Matt cut his teeth in a large corporate environment, one where there was a clear segregation of responsibilities. Projects were often delayed due to a lack of expertise or a lack of clear accountability, resulting in a “no one at fault” mentality. 

Matt is adamantly determined to change the landscape of design services through a flexible, easy-to-engage process and hiring only those engineers, designers, drafters, and analysts that understand the need to deliver value for their customers.

Through the stellar reputation that UES possesses via excellence in project execution, UES has become a high demand firm in a crowded market place.