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You're an experienced and innovative Mechanical Design Engineer who is ready to undertake major hands-on design projects from concept to production.

Major job duties:

  • Responsible for the design of new and innovative mechanical designs of machinery and components from “clean sheet” concepts to complete prototype test and launch. 
  • Integrate systems such as hydraulics, pneumatics, structural, engine packaging, or electrical using a systems design approach to achieve end goal functionality of machine
  • Specify and define components and systems for mobile equipment. These could range from simple gears or brackets through entire powertrain assemblies, hydraulic systems design, up to whole machine design
  • Assist our clients with rapidly finding solutions to focused areas of concern
  • Lead and mentor junior engineers through the design and development of their projects 
  • Technical leadership of designers or drafters to achieve timelines and deliverables on projects
  • Lead cross-functional design teams through the design and development of projects 

Additional considerations:

  • A working knowledge of multiple CAD systems is desirable. 
  • Experience in designing cranes or other large, high capacity structures
  • Practical, hands-on experiences within manufacturing or allied industries 
  • Experience with design of powertrain and engine installation systems. 
  • Familiarity with designs of hydraulic or electrical systems 
  • System design approach of heavy equipment 


  • Must have a BSME with minimum 15 years of hands on mechanical systems design experience. 
  • Demonstrated design skills through past projects via assembly layouts, knowledge of weldments and heavy structural design, well documented hand calculations, finite element analysis, etc. 
  • Customer centric attitude and exhibits boundaryless behavior
  • Demonstrated planning skills for design, analysis, build and testing of product and subsystems. 
  • In-depth fluency in one 3D CAD software system (Pro-E, Inventor, or Solidworks) 
  • Work with team members and support staff to develop innovative solutions to difficult problems. 
  • Finite Element Analysis experience is preferred, especially ANSYS modeling and analysis
  • Build group commitments to goals. 
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills. 
  • Effective time management skills. 
  • Strong commitment to on time or earlier delivery on customer timelines. 
  • Ability to approach problems from multiple angles to understand and properly evaluate design trade offs. 
  • Ability to lead cross functional design reviews. 
  • Strong process development skills and committed to using and improving existing processes. 
  • Work from our main office in St. Paul, MN 
  • Must excel in documenting work through word processing, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations.


You're an experienced designer who wants to develop conceptual CAD layouts and CAD working drawings of major components of mobile equipment or other types of heavy industry equipment. 


  • Associates in CAD design from an accredited institution
  • Must have 10+ years hands-on and in-depth design experience with major components of mobile equipment and or heavy industrial equipment. 
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience using Inventor or Solidworks, for the development of working drawings for assemblies, fabrications, sub-weldments, machined parts, hydraulic / electrical / schematics.
  • Must have been working continuously with one CAD system for two years
  • Must be familiar with weldment drawing creation including weld callouts, sizing, etc.
  • Must have experience working with either top down or bottom up assembly creation
  • Must have familiarity of sheetmetal functionality as well as proper drawing structure hierarchy
  • Must have some “hands on” experiences in a manufacturing setting
  • Must exhibit boundaryless behavior and “get it done” attitude
  • Must be a self-starter and have the ability to work independently
  • Must be computer literate using Word processing and Excel spreadsheets, as a minimum requirement.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with peers, technical supervision or to upper management 

Additional Considerations:

  • Experience using Pro-E/Creo, NX/Unigraphics, or Solid Edge a plus
  • GD&T Experience (ASME Y14.5) a plus
  • Experience working within a PDM system a plus
  • Knowledge of heavy steel structures and mobile equipment a plus
  • Candidate possesses the ability to recommend proper manufacturing methodologies to create the most cost-effective and efficient approach of fabrication
  • Knowledge of routed hydraulic or electrical systems
  • Knowledge of PID, process diagrams, or piping routing
  • Administration of CAD programs
  • Proven experience of measurements of existing equipment and translation to CAD models


You're an experienced FEA Analyst who is ready to undertake the analysis of major components of mobile and heavy industrial equipment.

Major Job Duties:

  • Design new and innovative mechanical design concepts of machinery and components from concept to production. 
  • These would be heavy structural assemblies, subweldments, machined parts, piece parts, and sheet metal. 
  • Pre-process and assimilate CAD models in preparation for finite element analysis using ANSYS software
  • Apply relevant boundary conditions and mesh geometries
  • Run analysis and troubleshoot results
  • Validate model through hand calculations and predictions
  • Modify geometry in both ANSYS and CAD software to accommodate design changes
  • Publish results through written reports
  • Defend results through peer reviews
  • Serve as a team member supporting major design projects


  • BSME with 10+ years or MSME with 5+ years of hands on, demonstrated FEA experience with the analysis of major components of heavy equipment that could be mobile or stationary equipment
  • Must have experience using ANSYS software within the past year an absolute requirement
  • Must have an excellent working knowledge of both ANSYS APDL and Workbench platforms
  • Must have experience designing steel, aluminum, or plastic structures with knowledge in joining methods
  • Experience with the design of mechanical and structural systems.   
  • Must be very strong in Engineering Mechanics fundamentals and must be able to hand calculate to defend analytical outputs 
  • Must be able to work independently with the analysis process to produce and verify input and output data.   
  • Must have experience setting up and validating analyses with linear and non linear system responses, such as contact, large deflection, buckling, modal, harmonic, rate dependent plasticity, bi- or mulit-linear behavioral responses, fatigue, fracture mechanics, etc. 
  • Must be capable of correlating and communicating analysis data with test data to other engineers for review as well as communiques for customers.   
  • Must have expert familiarity using Word processing and EXCEL spreadsheets 
  • Must have prior experiences submitting official engineering reports to superiors or customers for final approvals
  • Must be able to transfer 3D models in various CAD systems into a preliminary workable FEA model.  
  • Must exhibit boundaryless behavior and a “get it done” attitude 

Additional Considerations

  • Working knowledge of 3D CAD systems, especially Solidworks or Inventor. 
  • Experience using multiple FEA software, such as NASTRAN, DADS, ABAQUS, etc.
  • Design for manufacturing experience
  • Robust design principles 
  • Ability to “Think on your feet”