Universal Engineering Services maintains a core competency of crane system design.  For the past 25 years, many of the major crane OEMs have utilized UES’s expertise for design of booms, winches, masts, crawlers, carbodies, counterweight systems, cabs, engine systems, or hydraulic systems.

Universal Engineering Services has spanned the market with our in-depth knowledge of drills and drill systems.  UES has worked with all the major drill manufacturers (Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand) as well as drills designed for markets such as oil well (both on and offshore), water well, blast hole, foundation, piling, rock, post hole, rat hole, directional drill, and many others.

For over 20 years, Universal Engineering has designed custom solutions for lift and access needs.  From scissor lifts and articulated lifts to boom lifts and aerial work platforms, UES has designed full machines of each type.

Universal Engineering Services has been trusted for almost 25 years in designing and developing farm implements.  UES’s innovative design approach has led to many patents for our customers as well as a deeper understanding of the product robustness.  UES has entertained many challenging products that have been rewarded with our customers’ successes in the market.

Rugged.  Durable.  Easily repaired in the field.  These are hallmarks of the machines designed for the logging industry.  Universal Engineering understands this market implicitly, which is why we have been quite successful developing custom equipment fit for purpose in the logging industry.

Universal Engineering has developed specific, in-depth knowledge of the loading conditions involved in the design of various on-road equipment.  UES has specifically developed expertise in dynamic factors and vibration analysis that provides unique insight into the behavior of the vehicles.

Since the founding of Universal Engineering in 1991, we have been providing development resources for products in the construction market.  Excavators, rollers, compaction machines—we have touched the design of many different construction products.  

Universal Engineering’s design experience in cranes has lent itself well to being applied to the mining industry.  The giant structures employed by the mining industry go hand in hand with the tall, heavy lift structures of cranes.  While UES’s exposure has really been limited to mining trucks and material conveyors, we are confident in our ability to develop equipment in this industry.